Summary SAAQ

One extra drink, it's expensive !7 NIGHTS A WEEK FROM 6 PM TO 4 AM

Care or control of a vehicle

Here are some situations that can have the same consequences as impaired driving:

  • Sitting in the driver’s seat, even if the vehicle is stopped or broken down.
  • Being in the vehicle (even asleep on the back seat) and having the possibility of starting the engine.
  • Being near the vehicle, for example to brush snow off the car or put things in the trunk.
  • Refusing to blow into the breathalyzer or perform physical coordination tests.

The ZERO alcohol rule applies...

To drivers under age 22, learner drivers and holders of a probationary license

  • Immediate license suspension.
  • Loss of demerit points.
  • Fine for driving while impaired.

Following a conviction

  • Fine for driving while impaired.
  • Costs of seizing and storing the vehicle at the impoundment.
  • Summary or full assessment.
  • Alcofrein program.
  • Installation fee for an ignition interlock.
  • Monthly rental fee for an ignition interlock.
  • Attorney fees.
  • Suspension of driver's license.
  • Increase in insurance.
  • Cost of obtaining a new driver's license.


For your and others' security PLEASE use Point Zero 8.