The LICENSED establishment membership card

EXCLUSIVE SERVICE TO MEMBERS7 nights a week from 6 PM to 4 AM

Point Zero 8 offers an exclusive designated drivers service to members in the Greater Montreal area, Laval, North Shore and South Shore. From the LOCAL AREA, we can drive you anywhere.

The service consists in driving you back in your own vehicle. We are not taxis, no customers board our vehicles. The transport is covered by our liability insurance.

In order to insure the viability of the concept of Point Zero 8, a membership card system was established.



For licensed establishments such as: bars, restaurants, hotels, golf clubs, etc. All customers will have access of the service without being a member. Our service is an excellent protection for the owners and their customers.

You will have 8 personal cards to give to people of your choice for outings that are not related to your establishment.

2 Years Membership: $500 + taxes

We accept payments in 1 or 2
installments within 3 months.

Give your establishment a wall-mounted breathalyser.
The Alco-Detect on consignment only.

2 Years Membership:Pre-authorized payments

Send a SPECIMEN cheque: 1st payment $50 + taxes, thereafter $25 + taxes.
Give your establishment a wall-mounted breathalyser.
The Alco-Detect on consignment only.

There is always a fare for the ride

The base fare is $35.00 for 10 km and $1.50 per additional km.

To have an estimate of the fare, use Google Maps by entering your starting point and the final destination, however the fare from PZ8 will prevail.

Fare payable in cash, gift card or billing is available. N.B.: For the billing, an additional fee of $5.00 per ride apply.

Upon arrival, you have 10 minutes to prepare to leave. After this time, the waiting fee is $1,00 per minute.

Alcohol ignition interlock : Additional fee of $15, you must mention it and have a new mouthpiece for the driver.

The tip to drivers is at your discretion.

A minimum fee may be required for unnecessary movement.

Receipts are sent by email on demand.

Calling procedure

In order to find the customer quickly, it is important that it is an employee of the establishment who calls us. Mention your name, the name of your establishment, the name of the user, and the phone number.

Arrival of the drivers in less than 30 minutes, or more depending on how busy we are. A more accurate time is given when calling.


The ALCO-DETECT offered on consignment

Give your establishment a wall-mounted breathalyser.

The Alco-Detect is compact and modern and can be installed in less than 60 minutes on a wall in a busy place.
Easy to use and highly accurate (includes straws).

Price : $0 (consignment only).

Single-use Alco-Detecte

Save a life with this breathalyser

This single-use breathalyser shows whether you exceed the limit of .08 before taking the wheel.
Price : $4 each.

Advertising on our service

In order to inform your customers that the service is offered in your establishment.
We provide free advertising frames, displays with pamphlets and stickers.

2 years membership: $500 + taxes or pre-authorized payments